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Pastor's Welcome


It has been my privilege to serve the people and the community of

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church since July of 2014. And what I’ve found

over that time – and what I’m sure you’ll find as well – is that St. Mark’s

is a congregation with an extraordinarily big heart.

We have a heart, first of all, for our neighbors and for one another. We

believe that we have been placed here to love and to serve each other,

through humility and sacrifice, bearing one another’s burdens for the

good of all. And so we strive as a congregation to take care of all who are

in need, reaching out into our community and welcoming those who

come to us.

But, on top of that, we have a heart for Jesus and His Word. We believe

that Jesus of Nazareth is the true Savior of the world and that He has

graciously revealed Himself and His ways to us in the Bible. And so we also strive as a congregation to grow in the knowledge of His Word, to conform our lives to it, and to proclaim it joyfully in the world. For us, the Word of God is everything.

St. Mark’s had its beginning in 1955, gathering at first in the clubhouse of a nearby subdivision. Then, shortly afterwards, we moved to our current location, where we, under the gracious care of God, developed into the congregation we are today.

And now, we are looking toward the future. Our vision is that we would be “a loving and welcoming family of believers that is joyfully growing in the Word of Jesus and actively shining the light of His grace into our neighborhood, our community, and our world.” This is who we hope to be. And I pray that, as our Lord Jesus carries us forward, He would form us more and more to be the Christian congregation He wants us to be - a congregation that, just like our Lord, is here for you.


So please come visit! We’d love to meet you!

Your friend,

Pastor Aaron Vergin

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