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Community Resources


Looking for some extra help in day-to-day matters? We believe that Jesus has placed us here to serve you generously in His name. However, there are many other organizations in our area that can also offer help. Below you will find resources, mostly in our community, that may be able to assist you.

Note: Our goal on this page is to assist low-income individuals and families with their immediate needs of food, clothing, transportation, housing, childcare, jobs, etc. This being the case, we prefer to list organizations that are non-profit (when possible) and local (when possible). This is not a page for organizations to solicit/sell their products and/or services to our readers. Also, the presence of any particular organization on this list does not mean that we endorse every belief, practice, or policy of that organization.

Looking for help with food?

Looking for veterans assistance?

Looking for help with clothing?

Looking for help with transportation?

Looking for help with employment?

Looking for help with child care?

Looking for general charities?

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