Meet Your Servants

Pastor - Rev. Aaron H. Vergin   (

Pastor Aaron Vergin grew up in Sterling Heights, MI. In 2009, he graduated from Michigan Technological University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Soon afterward, he enrolled at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN. In 2014, he graduated from there and was ordained as a pastor of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.


Pastor Vergin has a wife named Mandy and three daughters. Besides doing the work of a pastor, he enjoys the outdoors and likes to hike, fish, camp, and hunt. He also is a big Detroit Lions fan!

Elder - Tom LoCascio   (

After-hour building/security issues can be reported to Tom LoCascio by emailing him at:

Elder - Darryl Swainson   (

Elder - Larry Whitehead   (

Officers and Staff

President: Tom LoCascio

Vice President: John Reardon

Financial Secretary: Debbie LoCascio

Treasurer: Kari Kosmalski

Office Manager: Debbie LoCascio

Human Resources Director: Debbie Sidelinker

Public Relations Director: Open

Sunday School Teacher: Mandy Vergin

Custodian: Jim O'Brien

Organist: Rob Wheeler

Trumpeter: Chris Gerard

Board Chairmen

Elders: Darryl Swainson

Family and Youth: Mandy Vergin

Gospel Outreach: Sharon Williams

Properties: Jim O'Brien

Parish Fellowship: Ellen Rentola

Human Care:  Karen Kaufman

St. Mark's Missionary League: Gail Hardy

On Duty Schedules

On Duty December 2019



  1  Sophie Hurley

  8  Grace Hurley

15  Sophie Hurley

22   Grace Hurley

24  Jay Anderson

25  TBD

29   Jay Anderson

Altar Guild:  Sharon Williams/Julie Kosmalski


Counters:  Jennie/Karen Kaufman

Elders on Duty    

  1  Jim O'Brien

  8  Tom LoCascio

15  Darryl Swainson

22  Jim O'Brien

24  None

25  Tom LoCascio

29  Darryl Swainson



  1  Sharon Williams

  8  Mary Ann Lockwood

15  Tom/Debbie LoCascio

22  Cindy Parks

24  Jennie/Karen Kaufman

25  Julie/Kari Kosmalski

29  Gail Fitzgerald


Special Music - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day



  1  Tom Kaufman

8 & 15  John Reardon

22 & 29  Scott Miller

24 & 25  TBD 

Video Technicians

  1  Tom LoCascio

  8  Darryl Swainson

15  Jim O'Brien

22  Tom LoCascio

24  Jim O'Brien

25  Darryl Swainson

29  Jim O'Brien



Elders Meeting:  Tue., Dec. 3 at 7 p.m.

Council Meeting: None in December

On Duty January 2020



  5  Sophie Hurley 

12  Grace Hurley

19  TBD

26  Jay Anderson

Altar Guild: Barb Allen


Counters:  Mary Ann Lockwood & Jean Swainson

Elders on Duty    

  5  Darryl Swainson

12  Jim O'Brien

19  Tom LoCascio

26  Jim O'Brien


  5  Sharon Williams

12  Mary Ann Lockwood

19  Sue Ingram/Judy Schassberger

26  Carolynn Taylor

Special Music: None



5 & 12 - John Reardon & John Sidelinker

19 & 26 - Tom Kaufman & Mel Maier


Video Technicians

  5  Tom LoCascio

12  Darryl Swainson

19  Jim O'Brien

26  Tom LoCascio

Elders Meeting:  Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 7pm

Council Meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7:30pm

Our Vision - To be a loving and welcoming family of believers that is joyfully growing in the Word of Jesus and actively shining the light of His grace into our neighborhood, our community, and our world.

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To report after-hours security concerns or property issues, please email Tom at