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Meet Your Servants

Pastor - We are currently in a pastoral vacancy and are very blessed to have some wonderful pastors filling in each Sunday while our leaders work through the pastoral call process to find our next pastor.

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Elder - Tom LoCascio   (

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After-hour building/security issues can be reported to Tom LoCascio by emailing him at:

Elder - Darryl Swainson   (

Elder - Larry Whitehead   (

Elder - Charlie Powell

Officers and Staff

President: Tom LoCascio

Vice President: Trent Johnson

Financial Secretary: Lori Whitehead

Treasurer: Kyle Albert

Office Manager: Debbie LoCascio

Human Resources Director: Open

Public Relations Director: Open

Custodian: Jim O'Brien

Organist: Rob Wheeler

Board Chairmen

Elders: Darryl Swainson

Family and Youth: Debbie LoCascio

Gospel Outreach: John Reardon

Properties: Joshua Cook

Parish Fellowship: Nancy McInnis

Human Care:  Karen Kaufman

St. Mark's Women's Missionary League: Leslie Oehring

On-Duty Schedules

On Duty September 2023

Altar Guild: Jennie Kaufman

Counters: Mary Lockwood & Jean Swainson

Elders on Duty:

  3  Darryl Swainson

10  Charlie Powell/Trent Johnson

17  Tom LoCascio

24  Charlie Powell


  3   Sue Ingram/Judy Schassberger

10  Ellen Rentola

17   Jennie/Karen Kaufman

24   Tom/Deb LoCascio


  3   Matt Maier

10   Matt Maier

17   John Reardon

24   Tom Kaufman

This Month's Video Technician:

(On Hold for now)

Board of Elders' Meeting:

     Tuesday, September 5 @ 7 p.m.

Council Meeting:

     Tuesday, September 19 @ 7 p.m.

On Duty October 2023

Altar Guild: Cathy & Gail Fitzgerald

Counters: Barbara Jewell & Lori Whitehead

Elders on Duty:

  1  Darryl Swainson

  8  Darryl Swainson

15  Charlie Powell

22  Tom LoCascio

29  Tom LoCascio


  1  Gail Fitzgerald

  8  Kelly Lekas

15  Mary Ann Lockwood

22  Ellen Rentola

29  Jennie/Karen Kaufman


  1   Matt Maier

  8   Tom Kaufman

15   John Reardon

22   Matt Maier

29   Trent Johnson


Video Technician:

On hold for now

Board of Elders' Meeting: Tuesday, October 3 @ 7:00 p.m., Library

Church Council Meeting, Tuesday, October 24 @ 7:00 p.m., Library

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